Internships at Anahata Mental Health Clinic (AMHC)

The internships at Anahata Mental Health Clinic are an opportunity to explore, learn and grow for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Psychology. The internships are offered with an objective of knowledge expansion, personal capacity building and professional exposure to the students of psychology. Interns are encouraged to immerse themselves into the varied tasks assigned to them during their internships and develop insights into human behaviour, personality and the world of mental health.

The internships are offered thrice in a year by Anahata Mental Health Clinic and each internship period admits only 7 students in total.

The process of availing an opportunity to intern at Anahata Clinic involves certain mandatory steps-

  1. Application for internship along with a detailed resume of the candidate to be emailed at- [email protected]
  2. Candidates are expected to appear for an online selection test (individual) with Anahata Team. The test is based upon general psychology and the main theories of human behaviour and personality.
  3. Selected candidates will be informed their results via email and messages, following which they can join their internship duties.
  4. Selected candidates have to pay an internship fee of 5000/- for 6 weeks and 7000/- for 8 weeks before formally joining as interns.
  5. At the time of internship completion, the interns will receive a certificate of internship and an assessment report of their conduct and approach during internship. Candidates will also be expected to fill in an exit-cum-feedback form upon completion of their internship.


Roles & Responsibilities for Interns at Anahata

Interns at Anahata are expected to perform their assigned duties with commitment and full involvement. Much of the interns’ work is online, although certain duties are to be fulfilled in an offline/ in-person mode strictly.

Timings of internships- 5 to 8 PM

Days- Tuesday to Saturday

Weekly off- Sunday and Monday

Duration of internship- 6 weeks or 8 weeks

Duties for the interns

  1. Preparing Transcripts for sessions
  2. Preparing concise session reports
  3. Creating a knowledge bank of psychology
  4. Research Assistance
  5. Creation of material for outreach
  6. Content Development
  7. Resource Management
  8. Ideation and Execution for Raising Awareness in Mental Health Field

Professional Development for Interns

During their internship, Interns will also have an opportunity to earn certain certifications of professional skill development for themselves at a minimal price. Interns can choose to earn any or all the certificates during or after their internship is over. The concessional fee shall be applicable to the interns for 6 months after completion of their internship.

S. No. Title of the Training Fees for others Fees for Anahata Interns
1. Case History Taking 1100/- per participant 500/- per participant
2. Diagnosis and Prognosis in counselling 1100/- per participant 700/- per participant
3. Active Listening as a skill in counselling 700/- per participant 300/- per participant
4. Basics of Dream Interpretation as a technique 1500/- per participant 700/- per participant
5. Understanding Neurosis and Psychosis 1500/- per participant 700/- per participant
6. Decoding Feelings from emotions and developing emotional intelligence 1100/- per participant 700/- per participant
7. Applying theories in clinical practice: A practical guide 1500/- per participant 700/- per participant