Anahata is a Sanskrit word meaning “unhurt, unstruck”, or the sound that is produced without touching two parts” or “pure, clean, stainless”…..just as our feelings or experiences are….

Anahata is the place to attend the calling of the soul, the whispers of the mind and the longings hidden deep in the heart. It is not only the voices that we can hear, it also is about the sounds that are not possible to be heard by our ears. It is the inaudible ringing of our thoughts constantly creating a noise in our mind and not allowing us to focus.

Anahata is not just about being unhurt but is also about mustering the courage to open up to the wounds, having a close look at them and taking a conscious decision to heal them fully. Healing, Ah! Such a tempting action word it is. We all are trapped into its unseen, unknown path. We are ready to stake everything that we have in order to heal ourselves. But what exactly is HEALING? Is it that we will never feel the pain again in life? Or, is it that we will eternally be happy? Is it that nothing will bother us after this or is it that after this path of healing once walked, we will be able to forgive each one of those who ever caused us pain?

No, none of this is healing. Healing simply means being oneself, accepting oneself in all its hues and shades of personality and moving continuously in the direction of our purpose. Healing is absolutely possible for everyone who wants to be healed. No-one can heal you. Only you can ensure your own healing. That’s what we want to let you know. You are the creator of your own life and you are the one who can claim your full right to healing at any time. Healing as a journey is challenging. It puts you at risk, questions your intentions and tests you in every way possible.

Anahata is not just a clinic for psychotherapy or counseling. It is a place where thoughts and emotions leading to one’s behavior are not subjected to criticism. Thinking is aloud and there is no fear of judgment. Anahata brings you closer to your true self. It helps you accept everything with grace and dignity. Your mind becomes your ally and supports your future journey by guiding your path. Anahata is the place where two completely different entities like body and mind are brought together to cooperate with each other in order to create a peaceful, fulfilling life. The synergy of our thoughts and emotions is the essence of our whole initiative at Anahata.


It is always not possible to find answers alone. Sometimes a fellow traveler can make the whole journey look less stressful and tiring. We, at Anahata are your fellow travelers. We started our journey more than a decade ago and we are happy to see the change within us and around us too. Our own realizations have helped us to hold others’ hands and help them conquer their challenges.

So, whom do we reach out to? We reach out to all of those who are willing to receive and accept help graciously. We support all who have questions like- What do we search our entire life? What is it that soothes our wounded self, our wounded ego, our injured heart and our hurt emotions? Does this search ever end? Are there happy people in reality? Is happiness so difficult to achieve? Is happiness a myth, a just a concept or can one really be happy? Is there something called LOVE? Have you ever met someone like BUDDHA himself? Is there someone who can say that he is contented with his life?

These are some of the questions that are entire race is struggling with. These have become such an important part of our day to day living that now when we are faced by them, we don’t buzz from our place. Nothing moves us or if we are moved, the changes are not conscious. Challenges are many and resources are depleting. As human beings, we are challenged to discover our inner strength and use that to move ahead in life. Psychotherapy and counseling are such tools that help one regain his strength and develop a fresh, new perspective towards problems and eventually resolve them.


To provide expert therapeutic and healing services in the area of mental and emotional well-being


To reach out to economically and culturally marginalized segments of our society with customized therapeutic services programs for their mental and emotional well-being


To become a catalyst for individuals and change their outlook towards mental health.


To create accessible platforms for mental health services for people from all the sectors of society.


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Award by Rotary Club

Award by Rotary Club

Ms. Purnima Gupta received “Kantibhai Desai Award for exemplary work for youth and children” By Rotary Club of Kankaria, Ahmedabad in the year 2014.

Felicitated by ONGC

Ms. Purnima Gupta was felicitated by Women’s Committee, ONGC, Ahmedabad on the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 08, 2017.