Do you believe in the value of a thing or you realize its importance? One may ask, what is the difference? Of course, there is!

The word “Believe” has a connection with the word “belief”, which indicates a commonly held perception of something or someone. A perception that is accepted and practiced by a major part of the society. This prevalence ratio makes most of the beliefs easily accepted by others whether they fit in one’s perceptual territory or not.

Realizing, on the other hand, is a more personal phenomenon. It emerges from “real”- something that is a reality to someone and thus, belongs to one’s field of perceptual experience in some form or the other. A realization marks the beginning of something very crucial to the journey the individual is on with.

Both believing and realizing play an important role in transforming the consciousness of human existence. Just believing into existing patterns and systems helps people to bring harmony into their lives while realizations always are the beginning of a new phase for humanity.

Purnima Gupta

Psychotherapist- Anahata Mental Health Clinic