Life is for real. Our experiences, our feelings everything is real. And there is something that is not real, what is it— Our thoughts.The thoughts that we have continuously running through our mind are to a large part, are unreal or twisted. Twisted by whom? Our mind of course… Our beliefs…. our patterns of thinking…… […]

Meeting The self

Meeting one self image

Meeting The self So here I am! With an intriguing question before all of us…The question that asks Who AM I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Why am I born? Most of the times, this question has been answered spiritually. But here I am trying to share my understanding and experience of […]

Self-Realization: How Real is this

Self-Realization: How Real is this

One of the eternal quests for the mankind has always been to know oneself. Human beings have always been fascinated by this concept to attain a state beyond which lies nothing. In eastern philosophy and spiritual texts, it has been addressed by different names as “Moksh” or “Nirvana” or “Bliss” or “Ananda”. Various cultures have […]

Believing or / and Realizing

Do you believe in the value of a thing or you realize its importance? One may ask, what is the difference? Of course, there is! The word “Believe” has a connection with the word “belief”, which indicates a commonly held perception of something or someone. A perception that is accepted and practiced by a major […]

Perception- seeing beyond the seen

In psychology, perception is a cognitive phenomenon that talks about having an interaction between senses and the environment, or, the way of interpreting something or deriving a meaning out of a stimulus. But perception also carries some spiritual meaning. Perception is about truly knowing something or seeing beyond the seen or hearing beyond the heard. […]

Smiling But Depressed

Often you see people who appear to be all set in their personal and professional lives, always having a smile on their face, not giving any impression about their inner world where nothing feels good. Such people are happy outside but in their inner life, nothing is close to their idea of what it means […]

The Inevitable Stress

Stress- an inevitable part of human existence or can I say, an inevitable part of existence. No one escapes this, not because they cannot, but because they fail to find the gateway. Stress has gripped our minds like never before. Each one of us uses this particular word to explain one’s condition and expects to […]