Perception- seeing beyond the seen

In psychology, perception is a cognitive phenomenon that talks about having an interaction between senses and the environment, or, the way of interpreting something or deriving a meaning out of a stimulus. But perception also carries some spiritual meaning. Perception is about truly knowing something or seeing beyond the seen or hearing beyond the heard. Perception carries tremendous importance as it helps one remain open to life beyond one has already known or understood. Perception is the key to reaching to the core. Perception is the way forward.

The opposite of perception is judgment. Judgment is akin to a finishing line or a boundary line. Judgment is after which one may not wish to go or one may not wish to explore. Judgment puts an enquiry to rest with limited choices as possible answers contrary to perception that always keeps the flame of curiosity alive. Perception makes us more open to the wonders hidden behind apparent surfaces, it makes you want to delve deeper and never be satisfied with what you have found. An individual who is willing to perceive and not just accept what is offered apparently, may end up discovering some real treasures for himself. That is how truths have been discovered, truths that led to revolutions, truths that led to enlightenment, truths that led some of us to places where profundity of life was experienced in its entirety.

One makes a choice when one decides to go beyond the visible and explore what is hidden beneath the surface. The proclivity to know the unknown is aided by the skill to perceive. To perceive is to be. To extract the most from one’s inner treasure, it is imperative that one learns to perceive. The skill to perceive can be developed by the method of questioning everything that we encounter through our senses. We must remain eternally thirsty if we want to discover it for ourselves. Life will reveal its true identity to those who dare to question and then use their skill of perception to accept, absorb and assimilate the discovered content in one’s existing space.

Purnima Gupta

Psychotherapist- Anahata Mental Health Clinic

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