• Acceptance

    Life is not about who you are and what you do. It is about making peace with anxieties lying within. It is about being in acceptance of certain unfulfilled dreams, longings and desires. It is about reaching to a point where your failure in fulfilling some desires does not make you feel ashamed of your…

  • The Other

    Many a paths, many a forms. Life….but one!!! Light beckons as allures the dark.. Who knows to choose…No-one!!! Singing, and swirling, Tinkling and twirling… The dance goes on!!! Closing the eyes is “me” “The other” takes on!!!   Purnima Gupta Psychotherapist- Anahata Mental Health Clinic

  • To Be

    Through the passage of time Travelled a beam of light Not to be seen…moving surreptitiously. Joined a drubbing heart and both revelled In the purity of their union No imprints, no sounds… Fused with each other, leaving their identities for others to not find They swirled and danced and echoed their joy Universe reverberated through…

  • Relationships

    It’s not that relationships are not needed. Presence of other beings is a must for the mankind to function. The only conscious change is to not put the pressure of labels, rules and norms on the relationships. The need to relate is instinctual in each one of us but this is not our goal. The…